took this one today… 45 min motorbike drive to reach this natural pool which only shows during low tide.
accidentally, i took a photo of a kid jumping off the cliff.
this shot is one my faves, it represent freedom while nature blends in between.
as you see, looks like the sky & the ocean are kissing. 
a rare find.   


8th wonder of the world! 

 as i write this, i am back in my hometown, The Philippines!! 

my journey started a week ago- my goal is to see a lil bit of the 3 regions of my country.

starting with Luzon- the photo right there is the Banaue Rice Terraces.  After 10 hrs on the road… this beauty is so priceless!!

open your eyes

exploring is always a risk…  people do get afraid to jump on the other side of the fence, probably you are  being too sheltered that sometimes you become too uncomfortable to experience changes…

you are missing a lot.

once in awhile try to experience something different… go to places you have never been. make decisions. open your eyes.


that feeling

this goes out to photography enthusiasts…
have u ever had that feeling when u see a very good subject & u just totally drop what you’re doing…quickly grab your phone & just rape the snap button?  
(took this while our airplane ✈️📷 was taking off in puerto ayora… this is the real beauty of galapagos 👌🏽 damn, im inlove)